The Future is Canceled

by VLF

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His girlfriend's purchase of a vibrator starts our protagonist wondering if he can give her anything that technology can't. He becomes convinced that she and her personal electronics are conspiring to get rid of him. Philosophically, this song owes a lot to the Situationist International; the idea for the polyrhythmic beat and droning guitar loop came from African and Native American tribal music.


paint is peeling on your new favorite toy.
a girl's best friend. now you're obsolete, boy.
adrift in adverts until i've had enough and it's too late to stay up.
i've got a girlfriend with TV-screen eyes.
smiles when she plays my impending demise.
a voice from the next room while i fall asleep says that shit's going down tonight.

maybe it's me who did everything wrong.
failed the tests. maybe.
failed the tests.

the countryside aches. it will soon disappear.
all but an echo too quiet to hear, which can't be sustained like apologies that were never quite enough.
someday, when you've made some room in your head,
maybe you'll hear it, lying in bed.
cutting the noise that keeps you company, there's a voice underground that wants to sing you to sleep.

the future is canceled, my love.
the future is canceled.


released November 18, 2012
Oliver Lemke: drum sampling and programming, guitar, bass and singing.




VLF Phoenix, Arizona

VLF stands for Voiceless Labial Fricative. Or Very Low Frequency. Or Voluptuous Lady Friend. It is the musical alias of Oliver Lemke and any supporting players good enough to work with him. It is harmful if swallowed, unsafe for children, and little more than an unpleasant buzzing in the ears of the damned. ... more

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